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Brandon Simmons is a corporate leader, former collegiate athlete, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Originally from Cleveland, OH Brandon is a highly sought after speaker who captivates audiences with his passionate combination of testimony, energy, expertise, and poetry. Brandon serves as a respected voice on purpose fulfillment, mastering fearlessness, developing a winning mentality, and professional & personal coaching. Born with drugs in his system and raised in a single-parent household he learned early on the value of perseverance and resiliency. Growing up with 3 siblings on a single income and no mother figure in the picture, life presented it’s challenges. But it is from these challenges and his father’s teachings where Brandon would become inspired to defeat all odds and inspire others to become life champions along his journey.

Defeating the odds is exactly what he has done. Brandon would go on to earn a scholarship to play football at Bucknell University where he earned a degree in Economics. Post college Brandon landed a job with JPMorgan Chase where he would become Vice President at just 26 years old. Now, at 29 years of age Brandon is currently a Director for one of the leading Economic Development organizations in the country. Throughout his professional career as a corporate leader and motivational speaker he’s presented to more than 15 Fortune 500 companies, over 200 executives, and to many students across the country. Brandon, a man broken by pain and repaired by courage is on a mission to share the values of his reconstruction process with the world. No more secrets, success and the fearless pursuit of one’s dreams is something that all of us deserve.


Brandon currently resides in Columbus, OH with his wife Lanisha and their soon to be born child.

Collegiate Division I Athlete

College Graduate, Bucknell University

Graduated Top of Economics Class 10'

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Development Program Graduate

Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

Co-Founder, The Game & Beyond

Director of Project Management, JobsOhio

Team Member, Total Image Empowerment (T.I.E.)